AHM Factory Services strives to provide the highest-quality service - just like the factory's - for all riders and racers throughout Southern California and beyond. 

For 10 years, AHM Factory Services has been fine-tuning dirt bike suspension for amateurs and professional riders all over the nation. From Motocross and Supercross to the open deserts of Baja, we can modify a riders forks and shock to fit their needs. Our expert suspension technicians take pride in offering our customers suspension tailored to their individual riding style, weight and the type of riding they do. With knowledge gained from a decade of testing, a customer can be confident knowing they will get the best product possible. We guarantee it! Call or email us today to get a quote.

Once we gather the information from the customer, it is then applied to a database built from countless hours of testing with riders of all abilities. The correct setting, spring rates and category types are chosen for the customer that is unique to the application. Our main objective is to provide the customer a high quality level of service with a personalized setup to make their ride an enjoyable and ultimately safer experience.