AHM FACTORY SERVICES Established in 2013 by Brandon Petersen and Justin Lewis, AHM Factory Services delivers factory-quality off-road motorcycle suspension tuning and race bike prep and builds. Many SCORE baja racing championships helped shape the AHM brand early on. Rapid growth came with winning. Never afraid to adjust to the times, over the years we have narrowed the focus of the business to simply be better at what we do. Constant development with some of the best off-road riders as well as MX/SX riders has given AHM an amazing platform to work with. Nowadays, you can find AHM working with SX/MX teams and riders, all over the local district series races, and Baja. We still are passionate riders and believe that can help in development with a better understanding of todays platforms. If you see us in the local deserts or track come say hi!

Call: (714) 692-2795

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm

22345 La Palma Ave. Unit 111
Yorba Linda, CA 92887