Suspension Rebuild

Much like servicing your air filter and oil, its the same idea with your suspension components. This is a critical step in keeping the bike feeling fresh as well as keeping suspension components from pre maturely wearing or needing costly replacements such as a shock body. We typically recommend a 20-40 hour service interval for most forms of riding. MX and SX produce the most abuse and usually require a lower hour window for service.


Shock Rebuild Labor $120.00 / Fork Rebuild Labor $140

Note: pricing is labor only. All fluids and wear component’s is extra.

Standard lead times is 4-5 business days. These times can vary and it is recommend you call ahead to get the latest lead times.

Contact Us: AHM Factory Services can ship you a custom suspension box developed to protect your forks and shock pre-order or call for details. A popular alternative would be you shipping your suspension in a large gun case.

In The Package: Please write your first and last name as well as basic contact information and place inside the package. This is very important and streamlines the check-in process when your suspension arrives to our facility. 

Protect Your Suspension: We recommend insuring your suspension for at least $2,500. We want to make sure your service is easy and cost effective when shipping us your expensive suspension components.

Questions? Contact AHM for any questions you may have, or to learn how you can get the best rates on shipping! 714-692-2795

Suspension Prep

  1. If you have Push Button Air Bleed Screws, take them out for shipping and substitute them with your original standard screws and o-rings.
  2. If you're equipped with a Holeshot device, kindly remove the Ring from your right-hand fork.
  3. Remove the plastic Fork Guards from your fork.
  4. Use duct tape or zip ties to secure the eyelet bearing(s) on the shock to prevent the loss of collars, seals, and needles.
  5. Our technicians prefer receiving forks and shocks free of mud!

Packing Suspension